Reflecting the experiences and content found at Licensing Expo and Brand Licensing Europe, Licensing Week Virtual spotlights the themes, topics and conversations that are top-of-mind for anyone in the business of brand licensing during a time when the world – and the world of industry – are tackling new and evolving situations constantly.

The week-long virtual event program brings the global licensing industry together for a series of sessions that touch on everything from navigating must-haves to bring your business up to speed and better position itself for future sustainability to how to find silver linings in opportunities to give back. Speakers include the foremost experts across all licensed consumer product industries such as entertainment, corporate brands, art and design, video games, esports and more.

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Day 1 - Monday, June 15

Brands & Lifestyle

Incorporating some of the most important and recognizable corporate brands in the world, the Brands & Lifestyle programming will highlight education, conversations and thought leadership from the top executives at the leading companies who shape the brand narrative on-shelf and in market.

09:00 PST /

17:00 BST


Kraft Heinz: Leveraging Over 100 Years of Heritage

With more than a century of brand equity, it’s no easy task to extend and grow a brand with such deep and rich heritage. But that is exactly what Kraft Heinz is doing – starting from the beginning, even though the beginning was long ago. Join Christopher Urban in a fireside chat as he discusses the monumental task to leverage such nostalgic brands as Heinz Ketchup, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Philadelphia, Jell-O, Kool Aid and more strategically, keeping this particular piece of global Americana top of mind for the next 100 years. 

Speakers: Christopher Urban, Kraft Heinz

Moderator: Amanda Cioletti, Informa Markets

Session Sponsor: Brainbase


Format: Pre-recorded

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17:00 BST

What do Licensees Want?

Licensees are the lifeblood of the licensing ecosystem. They are the ones that ultimately translate valuable IP into merchandise and services, allowing brand recognition to grow and a property to flourish with consumers around the world. But what do they need to survive and thrive in this new post-Corona world? Hear from executives from best-in-class licensee businesses as they explain what they need to get your brand to shelf. 

Speakers: Chris Volpe, United Legwear & Apparel Co.  |  Jeff Siskind, Castlewood Apparel Group  |  Jeffrey Fisher, Fashion Angels  |  Cindy Levitt, Mad Engine  |  Brian Speciale, The Comfy!

Moderator: Steven Heller, The Brand Liaison

Session Sponsor: The Brand Liaison

Stop Living in a Silo: Why Everyone Needs an E-Comm Strategy

Everyone knows how important Ecommerce has been in the past. Going forward Ecommerce is going to take on a higher level of importance with new technologies and new processes and even how you talk to your consumer. This panel will go in to more
detail as to why this is so important.

Speakers: Michael Carlisle, The Wildflower Group | Matt Bonaccorso, Discovery 

Moderator: Jeff Lotman, Global Icons

Session Sponsor: Global Icons

Consumers, Brands and Retailers: Adapting in the New Reality

Allison Ames, President and CEO of Beanstalk, is joined by Steph Wissink of financial services firm Jefferies, Rob Gaige of cultural intelligence agency sparks & honey and Michael Stone, Chairman and Co-founder of Beanstalk to discuss how consumers, brands and retailers are adapting to a new reality impacted by health and social issues. This panel discussion will uncover how recent events have shifted consumer habits and examines how brands and retailers can meet consumers’ changing expectations in sectors such as home, health and wellness, and food and beverage, as well as retail.

Speakers: Steph Wissink, Jefferies | Michael Stone, Beanstalk | Rob Gaige, Sparks & Honey 

Moderator: Allison Ames, Beanstalk

Session Sponsor: Beanstalk

Day 2 - Tuesday, June 16

Character & Entertainment

With global retail sales exceeding 44 percent of all total sales of licensed merchandise, characters and entertainment account for $123 billion at market. Entertainment categories span everything from film and television to video games and now a myriad of streaming platforms, driving a global economy that beats to the drum of pop culture. 



09:00 PST /

17:00 BST

The Future of Consumer Products and Retail: Top Industry Execs Share Where We Go From Here

Hear from senior leaders in consumer products and retail on key issues including changing consumer behavior, the increase in alternative shopping methods and what this means for the future of the business. 

Speakers: Pam Kaufman, ViacomCBS Consumer Products | Geoffrey Greenberg, Just Play | Andrew Tucker, Family Dollar | Felicia Frazer, Random House | Zion Doran, Kellogg's

Session Sponsor: ViacomCBS

10:00 PST / 

18:00 BST


Meditation for the Busy Professional


Interested in learning more about meditation, but think you don’t have the time or patience to start?

Happy Hacks Creator and Lifestyle Expert Jessica Kinni shares meditation techniques for busy professionals that can help you reset your day to increase productivity and creativity. 


Speaker: Jessica Kinni, Happy Hacks

12:00 PST / 

20:00 BST


Licensing Week Virtual Trivia, hosted by Licensing International


Have you ever been in the hot seat? - When your trivia knowledge is tested in front of friends and colleagues in a virtual environment...

Your host for this trivia session will be: Steve Sparacino, Sr. Project Manager, Licensing International.

The Game:

Steve will run through a series of questions in a ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ style format (multiple choice) – with a little bit of Trivia HQ theme added to it (Shout-Outs to Attendees in the Room). Everyone can participate in playing the game casually, although - 4 participants will be chosen to sit in the ‘Hot-Seat’ for 10 questions – but don’t worry – they’ll get 1 Life-Line to ‘Ask the Audience'

The Hot Seat:
4 participants (to be announced) will have Active Audio / Web Cam privileges during their turn!

We look forward to having you – click the link to register to save your seat…and Enjoy the Show! This event requires advance registration - please RSVP here.


Format: Pre-recorded

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17:00 BST

What do Licensees Want?

Licensees are the lifeblood of the licensing ecosystem. They are the ones that ultimately translate valuable IP into merchandise and services, allowing brand recognition to grow and a property to flourish with consumers around the world. But what do they need to survive and thrive in this new post-Corona world? Hear from executives from best-in-class licensee businesses as they explain what they need to get your brand to shelf. 

Speakers: Konrad Hoenig, AQUARIUS Entertainment Merchandising | Paul Cosaro, Picnic Time | Scott Goodfellow, Procter & Gamble

Moderator: Marty Malysz, Dependable Solutions

Session Sponsor: Dependable Solutions

Digital to Physical: Bridging online brands to on-shelf success!

Bridging online brands to on-shelf success.

Speakers: Eric Karp, BuzzFeed / Tasty | Taylor Carlson, Group Nine | Scott Dunn, Talent Manager, Walter Geoffrey The Frenchie

Moderator: Stu Seltzer, Seltzer Licensing Group

Session Sponsor: Seltzer Licensing

Doing Well by Doing Good

As the global health crisis unfolds, Sesame Workshop is supporting children and families on all fronts as they adjust to their “for-now normal.” Join Scott Chambers, SVP/GM, Educational Media and Licensing, North America, as he discusses how the nonprofit is addressing families’ most urgent needs with free resources, building smart partnerships, and keeping the iconic Sesame Street accessible to all.


Speaker: Scott Chambers, Sesame Workshop

Moderator: Amanda Cioletti, Informa Markets

Day 3 - Wednesday, June 17

Art, Design and Emerging Categories

The world of licensed consumer goods is varied and it is ever-growing. With $280.3 billion on the line of total global retail sales of licensed merchandise, it takes a diverse array of properties to appeal to a continually changing and evolving consumer. From art-led brands to the emerging global significance of esports, the applications for licensed marks to drive success at retail is unquestionably significant. 

09:00 PDT /

17:00 BST


How to Create a Culture of Equality

The best way to set up your business for the future is to create a quality of culture - what does this look like, how can this be done. What does this mean for leaders, and how is the quality an invitation for leaders to lead? What does this look like practically? What is it they can do and why is this key to leading effectively, while showing tangible examples of how they can do this? Why it is important that we sex workplaces and not women? What are the challenges that women experience in terms of the barriers and how are leaders are not aware of that? What are the barriers that men encounter? Why is this imperative for business in terms of setting the organization up for the future? This keynote will explore the future of work and the ways to demonstrate your competitive advantage and what that looks like, helping leaders find an inclusive way to frame the argument. This topic is a business imperative given some of the transformative changes that are coming from innovation and tech within the next 5- to 10-years. Join Michelle King in preparing your brand for disruptive changes that are coming.

Speaker: Michelle King, Netflix

Moderator: Julie Newman, Jewel Branding

Session Sponsor: Jewel Branding


10:00 PDT /

18:00 BST


Designing the Deal: Bioworld's Jason Mayes Talks Apparel and Lifestyle Licensing

License Global invites you to a virtual chat with Jason Mayes, director of marketing, intellectual property, Bioworld Merchandising. Mayes will answer your questions and spotlight current best-practices for licensing within the apparel and lifestyle categories.

Speaker: Jason Mayes, Bioworld Merchandising

Platform: LWV Chatroom (access through the Virtual Breaks room)


Format: Pre-recorded

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What do Licensees Want?

Licensees are the lifeblood of the licensing ecosystem. They are the ones that ultimately translate valuable IP into merchandise and services, allowing brand recognition to grow and a property to flourish with consumers around the world. But what do they need to survive and thrive in this new post-Corona world? Hear from executives from best-in-class licensee businesses as they explain what they need to get your brand to shelf. 

Speakers:  Jack Gindi, Ground Up | Trevor George, Trevco

Moderator: Noah Gelbart, CAA-GBG

Session Sponsor: CAA-GBG

Cultural Institutions: The Next Emerging Market for Licensing

Remember the days when you could only experience a cultural institution by entering their doors?  Through licensing, consumers can enjoy museums, foundations and cultural institutions in all areas of their lives, especially right now when many remain closed.  This session will address why more cultural institutions are turning to licensing and describe the many benefits for licensees and retailers. Gain insights about how this segment of licensing is compelling for the extensive availability of archival art and designs. Learn the strategies and insights of developing and growing a successful licensing program from Lauren Sizeland of the V&A Museum and Julie Newman of Jewel Branding & Licensing. 

Speakers: Lauren Sizeland, V&A | Julie Newman, Jewel Branding

Moderator: Carlin West, The Carlin West Agency

Session Sponsor: The Carlin West Agency

The Art of the Drop

Finding and creating successful brand collaborations is what the
Art of the Drop is about. Brands are always on the lookout for innovation,
increased visibility, and association with other like-minded brands that can
provide excitement and trust in the consumer.

I am privileged to have had the opportunity to moderate this very important
discussion, and at the same time meet and learn from, three impressive people
and great minds of our industry.

Today’s panel includes 3 experts in this field. They all have an in-depth
knowledge and experiences that they share as examples of how to execute the
perfect collaboration drop. There are some unique experiences to draw from, and
they provide some tangible examples of matching brands to brands as well as
artists to brands.

In today’s climate, consumers are constantly in search of new experiences and
product that they can emotionally attach themselves to. Collaborations are one
of the keys to unlocking this for many brands. This 45-minute discussion is
worthwhile time spent. It will entertain, inform and educate you.

Speakers: David Stark, Artestar | Roz Nowicki, Peanuts | Andrew Savaira, Artist

Moderator: Clive Melamdowitz, Easyriders

Session Sponsor: Easyriders, Peanuts

Strength in Numbers: Maximize Your Next Licensing Initiative with Group Player Rights

The collective branding power of professional athletes has reached new heights in the 21st century, influencing pop culture and transforming influencer marketing. While one athlete can make a difference, the collective group can empower your brand to create new products, reach an engaged audience, and revolutionize your licensing business.

Speaker: Terése Whitehead, NFLPA | D.J. Kazmierczak, Panini | Eric Winston, Chief Partnerships Officer | Renee Montgomery, Atlanta Dream

Moderator: Blake Lawrence, opendorse

Sponsor: NFL Players Association

12:00 PST / 

20:00 BST

Licensing Laughs with Marshall +1's! Hosted by Licensing International

Licensee by day, comedian by night (or is it the other way around?). Take a break with industry leader Marshall Mizrahi, who will take the virtual stage with a few of his industry colleagues for some licensing-centric banter! #LicensingLaughs. Find out more about the sessions and sign up here.

Day 4 - Thursday, June 18

09:00 PST /

17:00 BST


Invisible Marketing: A Hidden Tool for Connecting with Consumers Through Licensing

Jeff Lotman is founder and CEO of Global Icons, one of the world’s leading brand  licensing agencies, as well as the owner of Fred Segal, a top boutique fashion retailer based in Los Angeles, Calif. Lotman’s keynote will focus on highlights from his newly published book Invisible Marketing, in which he postulates that in the brave new world of ecommerce and digital marketing, well-known brands need to focus on licensing as an essential tool for successful marketing. This is a must-attend session for all brand owners and managers needing an education on why licensing is critical for a brand’s marketing success, as well as for companies seeking licenses to sell more products and experiences.   

Speakers: Jeff Lotman, Global Icons

Moderator: Bill Patterson, OpSec Security

Session Sponsor: OpSec Security

10:00 PST / 

18:00 BST

Pitch the Brands (PTB), in partnership with InventHelp, gives inventors the chance to gain first hand insight on their invention from an executive panel of product experts and thought leaders. Chosen applicants will have their product revealed to a live online audience and panel of judges during the PTB event taking place during Licensing Week Virtual on Thursday, June 18th.

Judges: Robert Yusim, President, Product Consel;
                Michael Miller, Director of Product Partnerships, Danco, LSP Companies,                 NCH Corporation;
                Ronny Smith, Managing Director, InventHelp-Intromark
                Tracy Metro, host of Netflix's ""House Doctor"" and dozens of infomercials

11:00 PST / 

19:00 BST


Feel Good, Give Back! with NFLPA - Live Workout


Speaker: Mark Ingram, running back for the Baltimore Ravens

Did you know that the science of generosity can achieve the same health benefits as exercise?

Join NFL Star Mark Ingram for an exclusive virtual workout to get energized and support a good cause! The player will instruct participants on how he stays on top of his game, through physical fitness and altruism. The NFLPA will be donating to the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation on behalf of this event.

The first 50 registrants will also receive NFLPA-branded hats!

Pre-registration required. Sign up here.


Licensing University


Format: Pre-recorded

Available from 

09:00 PST /

17:00 BST

Licensing University, hosted by industry association Licensing International, is an educational series that offers sessions for professionals at all stages of their career, including “basics” programming for those new to the industry, alongside actionable insights and innovative strategies for seasoned executives.

Basics of Licensing and Advanced Strategies

Learn all the licensing basics and advanced strategies you need to make your first deal, second deal or 50th deal. This fact filled, educational seminar will include all the basic and advanced strategies for licensees and licensors. It will also include sections on royalty rates, retail trends, style guides, legal contracts. Using various case studies, you’ll see how some of the world’s largest brands use licensing to reach their financial and marketing goals. This will be taught by Stu Seltzer who just completed his 17th year teaching a 3-credit brand licensing, undergrad class at New York University.

Speaker: Stu Seltzer, Seltzer Licensing

Should You Consider Using Talent as Part of Your Social Commerce?

In a very crowded marketplace, everyone in challenged to find an effective way to get their product, property and business to stand out from the crowd. This session will examine the positives and potential pitfalls of  creating a talent-based strategy for the online and social commerce worlds.

Speaker: Charlotte Clisby, Attachment London

Esports and Licensing: The State of Play 

Whilst games industry continues to grow and its impact on pop culture remains widespread, so too has the world of Esports expanded its global viewership. During this webinar Dan Amos will discuss the world of esports, its entrance into the mainstream and the development of esports consumer products.

Speaker: Daniel Amos, Difuzed

What You Need to Know About Royalty Rates 

Royalty rates are at the heart of the financial side of the licensing business. In this session, you’ll learn about the different ways they’re defined and calculated , how they differ by category, how they relate to margins and the cost of goods. What are the risk/reward factors you need to keep in mind?

Speakers: Steve Scebelo, NFL Players Inc. | Teri Niadna, Brandgenuity Europe | Carolann Dunn, Discovery Inc.

The Day After COVID-19: Consumer and Marketing Trends

The Coronavirus has accelerated market trends some perceived as disruptive. Hamutal Schieber, CEO of Schieber Research, will talk about "the day after” - what behaviors are here to stay and why; what shifts we can expect going forward; and how companies should respond.

Speaker: Hamutal Schieber, Schieber Research

Marketing in the New Normal

The chaotic environment in which everyone is living poses a challenge for marketers creating well-thought out strategies and plans. As one person put it, “There actually is no New Normal; there’s a Now Normal” that changes regularly. Two experienced executives discuss the challenges and opportunities in adapting, repurposing and otherwise being agile enough to react to developments as companies market both to the trade and to consumers.

Speakers: Melissa Menta, Peanuts Worldwide; Alaina Caldwell, Styleworks

Moderator: Marty Brochstein, Licensing International

Why Consumer Research Matters – Especially Now

In today's unprecedented retail environment,  the pressure is on to create great products that retailers will want, consumers will love and that represent real opportunity for licenses and licensors. Come hear award–winning licensor Church & Dwight (owner of ARM & HAMMER, OxiClean, and Trojan Brand condoms among others ) and valued licensee partner CR Brands discuss how each company uses research to launch successful licensed product lines.
The presenters will share how research experts use data to assess the category opportunity and understand the consumer needs and wants at the early stages of development. They’ll also discuss how to hone the concept and the product and packaging with a special focus on traditional methodologies and new techniques. And these CPG experts will share how some of the newer platforms can provide quick results, affordably.  
You'll learn why consumer research is so important - especially in the current climate- what to do when social distancing limits the research options, who can help you get it done (research companies, online vendors) how long it takes, what it costs and how to do it on a budget.

Speakers: Tammy Talerico, Church & Dwight | Scott Harmon, Church & Dwight | Kyle Whitacre, CR Brands, Inc. | Neelam S. Modi, CR Brands, Inc.

Moderator: Adina Avery Grossman, Brandgenuity

The Pandemic Effect: What the Market Realities of COVID Mean for Negotiating License Agreements

As we move through this time of market turbulence, we have an opportunity to balance some of the uncertainty among brand owners, licensees (and retailers) with a fresh look at some of the terms and conditions of license agreements. This session will focus on how to craft a solid contract that accommodates the business and legal interests of both parties.

Speakers: Kim Boyle, Richard Law Group

Day 5 - Friday, June 19


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